I love Grandma too

What goes on in the mind of Grandma?

It is quite a chore to have three grandchildren at home. But I love spending time with them. I know they will only be little once. These weekends we spend together is something to cherish, but oh so exhausting! I know I will not enjoy being a babysitter full time. But to spoil them rotten would definitely be fun and a nice payback for the parents who once caused me headaches. Nope. I’m not a nitpicker or a worrier, though it comes naturally from being a grandparent.

I don’t mind staying up late sometimes to babysit, but please don’t cry too much it’s hurting my ears. I like holding the wooden spoon with you as I bake cookies, but let me know when you want to put those little fingers in the dough. I will change nappies sure I can, but don’t expect me to know how to snap them back on perfectly with your wiggly feet all over me. I like giving you a piece of cheese but don’t take all the raisins every time I open the fridge. I love hearing you giggle, but don’t poke your sister with your toy car. I know you have strong little legs, but wish you will not climb on too high on the window sill. You jiggle,  juggle, wiggle, waggle. But do you really have to burst a shriek like a bugle? Oh my back hurts, but can you show me how you catch a ball on its first bounce? Oh what a pretty nice dress, only you button them up in the perfectly wrong way.  You are too quick to put on your shoes, should I say put left on left , and not right on left? And laundry we can do together, as long as you stay out of  the bubbles from my washtub. Not everyday we have maple syrup and pancakes, but I can make you a nice gooey french toast instead. No it’s not ice cream today, but sundae please. Says who, says me. Says who? Says Grandma. Okay I heard you. And I love grandma too.

Grandma Glasses is going to be okay today. I caught her giving them each a piece of peppermint. And glancing through her glasses she smiled, “Let me ENJOY them while I can, they grow up way too fast.”


3 thoughts on “I love Grandma too

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  1. i totally empathize with you. but unlike you, who as a granny, has the luxury of “returning” the kids to their parents once weekend is over, i have to deal with my toddler twins 24/7 and at the youthful (sarcasm) age i’m at!!! i tell you, this is why having kids is for the fit and young! but i can’t complain. the twins are a blessing to me and my husband. but many times i wish i had them when i was younger and not waited this long to have them.
    anyways cheers! here’s to long life and more years to enjoy our little ones!!!


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