It all started with a Funny Junk

The headlines hit me hard this morning. It was so disappointing I called on a friend for a tête–à–tête. PhWriter is right when she said, ” We might be expecting a circus anytime soon when these “leaders” sit down and start their business.”

To others this may not be funny, but I just have to write these down lest I forget that once in our history this happened. So together Phwriter and I brainstormed on this literary project. I guess even at this age, a radical is always a radical.

So here goes “My Funny Junk s.2013: My Contribution to History”

Funny Junk#1

At the plenary hall, everyone is seated except for two senators.

The marshall : “Mr and Mrs Juan Dela Cruz will you please come to order.”

Mr J Dela Cruz : “I will have brewed coffee please.”

Mrs J Dela Cruz : “Latte but no sugar for me two.”

Funny Junk #2

In a geography class,

Girl : Do you know where is the Philippines?
Boy : It’s the country where you should be.
Girl : Where is it? (looks at map)
Boy : Not far from the sea

Funny Junk #3



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