Am I a Super Grandma?

I give more than two hundred percent of my attention when I am with my grandchildren. When my back aches, it’s a different story. ~ Grandma Glasses

An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again.  Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly.  ~Gene Perret   

Yesterday was just as vigorous as attending a zumba class. I was crawling,  bending, twisting my hips, clapping my hands, doing twirls, sitting down , walking around, doing hand movements , making wobbly strides, singing , shouting, giggling and laughing. I must have burned a thousand calories and stretched a hundred muscles on that routine. I thought I will never survive those four hours. After the session, my bed is the most inviting place I could think of. I would have even called a chiropractor had the liniment not worked. You think it was fun? When you back hurts after a long day of babysitting your one and half year old granny kid? I don’t think so. It made me feel old. I would have wanted to stay on with him for longer hours, but my back and bones is just reminding me of my physical limits. I had to call the parents to come home early. This is ridiculous! I should  be relaxing and enjoying my quiet time as a a simple Grandma Glasses. I never dreamed to be a Super Grandma. I raised two boys, nothing more nothing less because I  can’t bear to hear screaming and crying. Then Fate turned its hand on me with a toddler  on a Friday night.   Was it fun? I don’t think so. Am I complaining? I guess so. It’s nice to hear the little ones learning how to coin words and mimic actions. But keeping an eye on them for four hours straight is unbelievable sacrifice. And to be left alone in the house with a small child is just  as scary as watching a Godzilla film. My eyes and ears need to be as keen to see and hear, my limbs as fast and nimble to race, and all senses and reflexes as sharp as  can be.  Yes I love  my little granny kids, I love them so much that I just want to watch them. Take note how I said “watch them”  and not “run after them”. A toddler’s attention span is 10-15 minutes when highly motivated. So what happens after that? It would require tons of ideas , books, games, cartoon playlist, songs , dances, boxes, pots and pans, cookies and chips to keep them engaged. I don’t have to strain every nerve running after a little super hero. I leave the parenting and babysitting to the parents. So let me draw a line between happy time with grandma. And for this matter, I want to make that a straight and clear line. My vote goes to bread making and cookie making  as my weekend activity. And I hope there will not be any discussion on this. So tell me, am I a Super Grandma? No I am NOT.




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