K9Camp and Grandma Glasses

My little warrior dog

Your untiring playfulness


By untimely silence

Has come.

Your little wagging tail

Bright attentive eyes

Fluffy golden coat

Soft ticklish paws

Cold wet nose

Is forever a masterpiece

Of K9 life and happiness.

You are brave when you came

Be a lot braver when you leave

Give me a last pawshake before you go

Blast me with your last smile

Let me know you enjoyed your life

I could have given you more

I could have hugged you more

Had I known time will be brief

To be with you

My little warrior dog.

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Dogs give their human companions unconditional love and are always there with an encouraging wag of the tail when they are needed. The dog is indeed a very special animal.” — Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

True enough, I miss my dogs. Today is their birthday, and they are turning 4 years old. Good memories of  unconditional canine love makes me smile when I am alone.


It seems a very hot day today.  I can tell when I saw the first flush of warm water from the faucet.

“It is a 47 degrees- day today.  It will be better to stay indoors. ”  Grandma Glasses  reminded me.

“Good that warm water easily cuts the grease off dirty dishes quicker than it would with tap water. No need to scrub and scrape them clean, just a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a thorough  rinsing over warm water and I am done with this,” she said while she piles dishes in the sink.

Everything was going fine until I notice smoke in the water. “Goodness me! I know they said it’s going to be warmer today, but I didn’t expect it to be so hot that it makes the water boil!”

Then she turned to me.  I looked up to meet her eye and slowly turned my eyes on the faucet.  It looks like a normal faucet handle to me except it is on standard setting.

“No wonder it is boiling hot!” she exclaimed , fixing her glasses on her nose as she turned  the faucet handle towards the blue dot.

“Remind me to check that it is on the blue water dot setting when I do dishwashing.” murmuring as she finished of her chore.

“Color coding in the kitchen and a good pair of eyeglasses  is as good as a dog’s sniff over his dinner bowl.”  – Drake

Chachapoya and C’eMaddie

IMG_5087IMG_5095IMG_5099nov 2015 (18)

snooze time
CeMaddie (1)
Chachapoya (3)

puppy camp_welcome home 005

malunggay_moringa 023

paw shake
paw shake
K9 Snuggle
K9 snuggle


puppy camp 032

zz at puppycamp_1 068

Bella, Brita and Bijou
Day 1 with Bella, Brita and Bijou_born Feb 27 2015
puppy snuggle
puppy snuggle
puppy zone
puppy zone

puppy nursery 027

Mimi,Sven and Sushi
Mimi,Sven and Sushi
happy Angie
beautiful Angie
good dog Drake
Angie and Drake_2 month old
Angie and Drake_2 month old
puppy sunggle
puppy snuggle

“Happiness is a warm puppy, and I don’t mind doghair here and there” – Grandma Glasses


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