Grandma Glasses Watching Earth

ESA are you ready for the event?” calls out Houston Mission control. LiveISS stream_a view of Earth (13)

Waking up from her snooze, she went back to her reading corner to continue where she left off last night with her recording and video editing.

“Last week I started reading on HTML-CSS coding. The other day I just saw on TV how the Internet was developed. And today I am Watching Earth with the astronauts,” said Grandma Glasses.

She managed to make a short video Watching Earth_Live ISS Stream 13June2018   

ESA_AstroAlex_interview2018-06-12 (5)
 Astronaut Commander Alexander Gerst

“ The space station is 20 years old, its first piece launched in 1998 and  construction completed in 2011. Can you imagine a research laboratory as  big as a football pitch in outer space? It took astronauts a total of 40 missions to put the space station together piece by piece.  And it has been the home and scientific laboratory for astronauts and scientists ever since.” Grandma Glasses never fails to amuse me with her  stories.


Astronauts are floating in space. But actually they are not floating, they are falling. Astronaut Tim Peake explains, “We do not fall to Earth because of our high speed, we fall ‘around’ Earth. We travel about 28 000 km/h (17 500 mph) but as we accelerate towards Earth under the pull of gravity, Earth curves away beneath us and we never get any closer. Since we have the same acceleration as the Space Station, we feel ‘weightless’.

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The Cosmic Classroom as well as other documentary videos are great advancements in educating students. They have access to speak with astronauts  in real time and learn about life onboard the space station.  All the students around the world participating in the Cosmic Classroom, including Grandma Glasses, learned that the heart beats slower in outer space so they need to exercise to avoid the heart from shrinking.  Also, astronauts  don’t smell well  with their nose  and affects their ability to taste food.  Food tastes a little bit more bland because body fluids tend to shift towards the chest  and head, blocking their nose and affecting how astronauts smell and taste food.


Curiously, Grandma Glasses watches a video of American astronaut Steven Swanson to further understand and see how it is to live and work inside the space station.

Screenshot 2018-06-13 23.51.46
American astronaut Steven Swanson


Screenshot 2018-06-13 23.52.18
American astronaut Steven Swanson

In another documentary video, Grandma Glasses learned about astronauts’ food onboard the space station. They have different kinds of food from the US, Russia, Japanese and even  occasional stock of their favorite foods their families send from Earth. They have ready-made food and some dehydrated food in packets that they rehydrate and heat up in the food warmer when it’s time for them to have breakfast or they feel for eating.

Screenshot 2018-06-14 00.04.11
Astronaut hair also floating while she explains about the space station
Screenshot 2018-06-14 00.06.09
Packets of dehydrated food for astronauts onboard the space station

“ These kind of things we never get to see when we were in school back in the old days. We only read about them in books, and leave everything to our imagination to visualize how it is in outer space. It’s amazing how kids, even elder people like me, now have access to information to learn more about life onboard the space station,” recounted Grandma Glasses.

“ I remember when I was in grade school  we were asked to write about how future life will be in 10 to 20 years. Imagine forty years ago, I wrote that cars will have wheels suspending above the road so you can avoid traffic. It was very animated and unbelievable back then. But now we have electric cars, levitation trains, and self-driving cars, ” she chuckled as she continues.

With a slightly high pitched voice, she sputtered her disbelief. ” I read about the  Japanese Skydrive from Cartivator. It’s a flying car with a vertical takeoff and landing technology which do not need roads and runways to lift off. That’s the closest cousin of my young idea, and I was not even thinking about being a scientist.”

photo credits Cartivator Skydrive

“That’s a real futuristic spinoff  from Fred Flinstones’ footmobile, the Jetson’s flying car, Knight Rider’s KITT , the Batmobile, and James Bond’s cars.”


She lowered her head and turned to me. “Now it’s time to ask yourself. How do you think the future would be, ten to twenty years from now?”

With a soft whine, I thought about the famous Soviet Canine Cosmonauts Belka and Strelka, and the not so lucky Laica.

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I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. I tried not to move, trying to ignore her question. But she stared back at me, expecting an answer.

“Enough of advancing science. The loyal and obedient dog was out in space even before man took his first historical step on the moon,” wagging my tail, I hunkered down and sighed.

“And I’m glad laws have been provided to protect the rights of animals,” she gave me a gentle pat on my nose.

“And I cannot imagine myself enjoying gel capsules in my dinner bowl, more so being sent to float in outer space. I’m happy to be on the ground.” I wiggled my nose, trying to sniff history from the air.



Learning to Code


Learning to Code

This is where I write what I learn or any questions I have

Grandma Glasses goes coding2

How do I change font size and how can I use images from my file?


Moving on to next paragraph, is heading size same as paragraph size?Do I need to skip every line to start writing? Or can I write as a much as I want in a paragraph?

I made this WP blog using the html tab and not the visual tab. And WP simplifies the codes for me. Awesome. Yipee! This may look like it’s nonsense, but’s its the basic of basics of html. We’ll go to the frosting later.

  • cake
  • coffee
  • donuts
  • code
  • codemore
  • code more again


and don’t forget to close the codes

Life is not just Google

It’s a cloudy Monday and Grandma Glasses is busy packing.

“Where are you going Grandma?” I asked.

“It’s first day of class today, and I don’t want to be late.”

She scampered back to the bedroom, and later came out with cables, charger, mobile phone,  external drive and her CanonPowershot. I also noticed she has her Acer tucked under her arms. In one motion she hauled them into her bag. Then she grabbed a few sheets of paper.

“I need paper for my gum. You ne’er know when a paper would be handy.” She goes through her things for a last minute check.

“Where are you going Grandma? These are the things you bring when you go on a roadtrip.”

Grandma Glasses lets out a subtle groan as she steadily raised her head and looked at me. I am starting to doubt if she understands me.

“I am starting this on a right foot. I know I should not be discouraged. My brain is as good as theirs. Age is just a number as Learning is just a matter of connection and WiFi,” she explained to me. And I stared back at her with a questioning look.

“If anyone calls for me today, tell them I am out. I will be in the coffee-shop, but not to be disturbed. My e-class starts in an hour, and will go on until  after my coffee and croissant refill. Then another e-class after an hour break. That should give me enough time to find a cozy bench at the park. Aside from being with you Drake, I like the ambience of being with trees.”  She sounded like Doris Day singing QueSera QueSera  as she chatters about her plans for the day.

She pat my head and gave my chin a nudge as she walked out the door.  She stopped a second to check the clouds. “It’s a pretty day,” as she glanced around and then walked away.

I curled back in my corner as I gave it a thought. “Life is not just Google. Going back to school anywhere , anytime on WiFi with coffee, croissant and trees seems to be the best part of technology based-learning. I think it’s time to update K9Academy.”

Grandma Glasses’ Sweet Creation

After practicing making meringue with the Pavlova and marzipan on the Princess cake, it was baking marathon in the kitchen for Budapestrulle and Schwarzwalta. It turned out pretty much acceptable and edible, with some areas of improvement such as making crisp meringue base, and keep them from cracking and falling apart.


“I’m not a professional baker but a foodie at heart.. And a-cake-every-two-days-bake is my labor of love.” – Grandma Glasses

Words to Tow the Day


“Nope. Not until today have I encountered these words. Not in the two-volume Oxford Dictionary I kept in my bookshelf neither in Reader’s Digest Word Power,” she tapped her nose while in deep thought.

“Grammar and writing back in my days didn’t require us to use elaborate composition. Conciseness and paraphrasing was and is my way of writing,”mumbles Grandma Glasses.

“I’m not sure if I will remember these words, but it’s good to write them down in case I forget to remember.” Grandma Glasses walks around the room like a  flustered mother hen.

“It may come in handy as writing themes, tags to begin a story, dialogue prompts or outline for a plot,” I was quick to respond confidently.

“OR when I want to confuse people with strange words, or totally disregard them with that,” Grandma Glasses continues.

And our discussion became as theatrical as Brynner and Kerr in the King and I.

(music in background )

(TheWriter enters sheepishly)

(Grandma Glasses shaking her head, stands next to the table)


Who would want to use psithurism?


when the sound of the wind through trees  seems more visual?


Or librocubicularist …

(pulls out a book from the shelf)


when plainly a person who reads in bed  is more relaxed and doesn’t sound claustrophobic?

(takes the book from the Writer)


Defenestrate is too limiting!

(walks to other side of room and looks out the window)


when you want to throw a person or something out of a window , he’s better being sacked!

(walks to TheWriter and taps on his shoulder)


Of course it will lead to disaster and spellchecker error too —

(turns around and faces Grandma Glasses)


if schlimmbesserung  means an improvement that makes things worse.

(picks up an umbrella from the floor, and flicks it open)


Why forbid the beauty of the place?

(with arms outstretched)


when a garden walk planted with trees is much beautiful to describe than as xyst alone.

(Gently closes umbrella and slowly walks around the room )


But I like collywobbles –

(Slowly walks to the door)


as much as I do of butterflies in stomach.

THE WRITER       (Off)

Enough of these strange words.


These words are too strange for my ears .

(fading music in background )

(light dims and fades)

(curtain close)

“Yes I am a writer. I don’t keep a deadline for my paragraphs. I go with the flow, hang out and brainstorm At The Crafter’s Table. ” – Phwriter11

The Cheese Smorgasboard

The Cheese Smorgasbord- A Yuletide Story by Grandma Glasses

“Cats will look away if you give him enough salmon, except when he prefers reindeers.”– The Swedish Chef is in the House

It’s been years the Rat Kingdom has been in shambles. The RatKing’s Castle badly needs repair. One can see doors,windows,floors and roofs falling apart. And the Rat Builders are trying to keep its at it’s glorious and grandest best. Days of summer and winter they work their whiskers, shuffling feet and tails to keep walls in place.

Unknown to many is a Rat Builder named D’ratla who has plans otherwise. He hides in the darkest corner watching others toil and labor. He moves stealthily, away from the wind and the sun. He scurries like a noble rat in a pandemic stance. He hordes cheese like an expert amidst an epidemic of shortage. Behind everyone’s back, he stocks his larder with cheddar, camembert, brie and stilton. But he wanted more. He has evil plans.

It’s known to all ratfolks that across the Rat Kingdom is The Big Den. And there’s been a story going around for many generations that in The Big Den lives Lon the Lokatt, a distant cousin of the Cheshire cat from Alice Wonderland. But the Lokatt is meaner, stronger and bigger. His reputation around the community is unparalleled. His last known ancestors were from Greater Hälsingland, survived many traps set by Vikings and priced by royalty for their fur. He is an honorary lifetime member of the Federacion Internationale Feline. He earned his medal for the Highest and Longest scratch record in the Great Book of Nine Lives, and now considered one of the protected species of wild felines.

It was on that cloudy morning when Lon The Lokatt was awakened by a strange sound. Lon’s keen ears caught a small squeaky sound. That was the day Lon The Lokatt first discovered D’ratla.

“It’s that strange sound again. But there is no one in the room.”

He propped his ears and the sound seems to be coming from the big blue vase. Then he heard the squeaky sound again. Suddenly Lon saw a small hairy creature jump out of the vase. He seemed preoccupied to notice Lon  watching him from the top of the grandfather clock.

“I will get the biggest and most expensive pule in the Rat Kingdom even if it means crossing The Big Den,” he squeaked loudly to himself, unaware that some one is watching him from a distance.

 Lon didn’t take that small squeak seriously. “How can a small rodent carry a piece of cheese twice as big as his body?” he yawned.

As days and months went by, Lon became familiar with D’ratla’s activities. Everyday he saw how D’ratla carries small bits of cheese in the vase. But lately Lon noticed D’ratla has been moving more and dragging bigger chunks of cheese.

From his cozy place high on the grandfather clock, Lon became a silent observer of D’ratla’s sneaky ways. He tried to ignore the squeaky sounds. It’s been quite some time since he last hunted small creatures. But every day since he saw D’ratla jump out of the vase, this furry horder started to get on his nerves. And he cannot let this one roam The Big Den.

“This has got to stop. This is too much. If he can get away with chunks of brie and camembert, it’s possible he will get that slice of Pule too. And worse, he might even bring in the donkey for his Cheese Smorgasbord.”


The Pule cheese is the world’s most expensive and rare cheese. The RatKing keeps a rare collection in his vault, a symbol of friendship and loyalty between the RatKing and the Balkan Donkey Prince.

So without wasting a second, he growled. Without warning but only a flared face, tufted ears and tail tipped high, Lon stretched and swiftly leaped on the floor. With his preying instinct and feline accuracy he landed on D’ratla. Lon can feel D’ratla wincing and writhing, trying to fight back. But Lon’s claws are far bigger and his fangs sharper.

Then D’ratla sensing his defeat, closed his eyes and gave a faint squeak.

Lon pinned D’ratla. He looked at him and hissed a victory. “This should keep you warned. I don’t go for cheese. I’ve always been on a reindeer diet.”

Moral of the story:  Different strokes for different folks.

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