Christmas Card Treasures

Our grandchildren made these Christmas cards. There is no greater gift than a child’s love on Christmas day, and no  better fans like  Grandma and Grandpa for these little artists. These masterpieces of colorful swirls, wriggly letters and animated drawings will always be treasured.

Christmas cards from Dwan, Eunice and Liam
(L) Christmas tree and gifts (R) Our house -artwork by Eunice (6yo)
 (L)Christmas tree and gifts (R) Grandpa and Grandma -artwork by Dwan (6yo)
Our Christmas tree -artwork by Liam (5yo)
Grandpa and Grandma with our pet dogs Angie and Drake – artwork by Liam (5yo)
Christmas artwork by the little artists (Dec 2016)

All I Want for Christmas..

After going around chaotic shoppers

amidst dazzling tinsels and lights

standing in queues at the gift section

and rushing through traffic

I found the best quiet time of the season

beside you on Christmas morning..

My Crazy Caboodles

My Snickerdoodles evolved into My Crazy Caboodles. How? Don’t ask me, ask my Christmas Elves.

My Crazy Caboodles

christmas snickerdoodles 110

Happy Holidays from Grandma Glasses.