Grandma Glasses, The City Nomad Wifey and I


Brainstorming at the Crafter’s Table for a  Countryside Coffeeshop concept for Grandma Glasses – an All-Day Brunch menu, target market rich seniors, quiet ambience, vintage countrystyle nothing overwhelmingly techy, dining area, lounge area, crafters’ corner, green box, arts and craft workshops and lecturettes, herbal shoulder pack available for customers, and a gift shop corner for the Silver Surfers* of which Grandma Glasses says she considers herself among this group. (* a term for a demographic group in society consisting of  senior people or older adults (50+)   displaying a reluctant attitude towards accepting and using smart phones)

It was such a challenge that I had to do some research and look for big buttons-no fuss phones for Grandma Glasses. And these are top on my list of Silver Surfer friendly phones. I’m sure Grandma Glasses will find them very convenient and easy to use.

gift ideas
gift ideas


This afternoon Grandma Glasses went out to buy her usual grocery at the village store.  Nothing fancy on her list , just basic goods for the week. She is very particular about her routine, nothing more nothing less. If it’s not on her shopping list, she ignores the colorful merchandise on the shelf.  Often times shoppers fall prey to this marketing strategy and end up paying more for unnecessary purchases.  When she reached home and stowed everything in the pantry, she sat down and pulled out the receipt from her purse. She regularly checks receipts to see if anything is amiss.  To her surprise, she saw how much amount was tendered. She knew the amount due is right but not the amount tendered and change due.  With that she neatly folded the receipt and said to herself , “I don’t know about you ,but i pay my grocery in cash..”

one in a million receipt
one in a million receipt


At the mall, Grandma Glasses went out to buy a new phone. First she asked for an old model Nokia X2. A week after, she thought she should get an android phone too. This time at the mall , she asked for an out of model android phone — S_ Sensational. Unfortunately the sales clerk said they don’t have that kind of phone. Grandma Glasses sighed and walked away with her thoughts, “These are the perks of upgrading your phone.”


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