A Moment With Our Christmas Tree

  I see you have grown another inch this year. I am happy to hear your laughter. Your voices give life to the room. I feel so good when I have lots of gifts under my branches, but I don't mind if it is few this year. I will always be brightly smiling for you.... Continue Reading →


Go Green with Dyaryo Bags

What attracts people to the malls? Coffee shops? Latest Fashion? Discounts? Peer influence? Instagram challenge? I don't understand this malling culture. One always end up queuing for cabs during rush hour. Or you scramble for a seat just to get wifi connection at a popular coffee shop. Or you wait on your "fast"food to be... Continue Reading →

Grandma Glasses Watching Earth

ESA are you ready for the event?” calls out Houston Mission control.  Waking up from her snooze, she went back to her reading corner to continue where she left off last night with her recording and video editing. "Last week I started reading on HTML-CSS coding. The other day I just saw on TV how... Continue Reading →

Learning to Code

  Learning to Code This is where I write what I learn or any questions I have FIND ME How do I change font size and how can I use images from my file? READ MORE Moving on to next paragraph, is heading size same as paragraph size?Do I need to skip every line to... Continue Reading →

Life is not just Google

  It’s a cloudy Monday and Grandma Glasses is busy packing. “Where are you going Grandma?” I asked. “It’s first day of class today, and I don’t want to be late.” She scampered back to the bedroom, and later came out with cables, charger, mobile phone,  external drive and her CanonPowershot. I also noticed she... Continue Reading →

Lines from Within

"Half a century of life  In Itself Is an Achievement of Being. "   - Grandma Glasses 03.20.2018 "It's been a long time since I was here," Grandma Glasses sat down and looked around. Not much to see today. Not too many people around. "It's weekend and everyone's doing laundry or something. Let them be. Today I... Continue Reading →

Cassini Crossing

Space History : Cassini's successful dive through Saturn's first ring "And it's amazing! I'm lost for words. Never imagined I will see this in my lifetime." -Grandma Glasses  

Grandma Glasses’ Sweet Creation

After practicing making meringue with the Pavlova and marzipan on the Princess cake, it was baking marathon in the kitchen for Budapestrulle and Schwarzwalta. It turned out pretty much acceptable and edible, with some areas of improvement such as making crisp meringue base, and keep them from cracking and falling apart. "I'm not a professional... Continue Reading →

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